Lake Kariba Zimbabwe

General Info

If ever a destination could genuinely claim the tag “undiscovered secret” then this is it, a real and surprising gem, just perfect for idyllic weddings, unique incentives and VIP retreats. This massive lake once seen is not easily forgotten.


Twiice zeroes in on just one eminent and superior property, Bumi Hills Safari Lodge (20 rooms), and a hand-picked portfolio of the most desirable houseboats on the lake.

At 282 kms long Kariba is one of the largest man-made dams on earth and certainly the most eco-unique in terms of its low-density human habitation, prolific wildlife, wilderness and sea-like expanses of water that are perfect for fishing and safari cruises.

The Big Attraction

The “undiscovered secret” is a tired cliché that is rarely genuinely earned. However, when relating to the massive Lake Kariba, and what it has to offer discerning groups , it is a genuine claim that  astounds international visitors.

Lake Kariba, with its luxury houseboats and small remote lodges, provides an exclusive and dramatic safari experience in three modes – by boat, 4 x 4 vehicle or walking with an armed professional guide. The water is a unique dimension that presents great fishing and an enchantingly unique solution for weddings and conferences of up to 120 people as luxury boats in the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge harbour are used as floating hotels.



Lake Kariba, located in the Zambezi Valley, is a tropical climate, hot all-year-round with a dry winter season, though by any standards “winter” is a misnomer because of the warm temperatures. A hot summer’s day in October before the rains can reach 40C +.  Here’s a snapshot of climatic conditions on the lake:

Average Min/Max temperatures in Centigrade:
Jan 31/21; Feb 31/21; Mar 32/20; Apr 31/19; May 29/15; June 29/13; July 29/12; Aug 32/15; Sep 34/19; Oct 37/23; Nov 34/23; Dec 32/22.

Average rainfall in mm:
Jan 170; Feb 165; Mar 102; Apr 33; May 4; June 3; July 0; Aug 4; Sep 0; Oct 8; Nov 81; Dec 173

Average Sun Hours Per Day:
Jan 7; Feb 7; Mar 8; Apr 9; May 10; June 10; July 10; Aug 10; Sep 10; Oct 10; Nov 8; Dec 6.

Best time of the year

For tiger fishing the warm months before the rains (September & October) are the very best, though fishing generally for bream and tiger is enticing at any time of the year and very popular. The annual Kariba International Tiger Fishing Tournament (KITFT) has been held for more than 50 years in the hottest month of October when the biggest catches are realised.

For international travellers seeking a touch of paradise on earth to relax, swim, fish, game view in most comfortable conditions the months of April, May, August, September are the most excellent.